Video Marketing

Vivid imagery and storytelling showcase your brand.

An Approach That’s Part Creative, Part Technical

Video content marketing is a great way to expand your customer base by showcasing your business’s product or service. Our process is part creative, part technical. As a video marketing agency, we know how to transform your message into a dynamic on-screen and online experience that makes a real impact on your audience and reaches viewers on an emotional level.

We’re a skilled team of creatives with experience creating video content for a wide range of clients across a multitude of visual media, including TV commercials, documentaries, corporate promos, webcasts and live streaming.

By taking time to fully understand your brand, industry, audience, stakeholders, message and goals, we can develop a final video with a unifying theme that’s sure to resonate with your audience.

At eVideo Creations, we maintain open communication with clients throughout a project’s lifetime. We want to have a thorough understanding of your project’s needs and work toward your goals until we deliver a final product that speaks to your target audience, is relevant and exceeds your expectations.

Three Secrets to Video Marketing Success:

Know the age and gender of your viewers.  Use talent that reflects your target market.  This also applies to the music, graphics and editing pace of your video.  If you are targeting an older demographic, don’t mimic MTV.

Embrace diversity!!!  Your video should reflect the many colors and ethnicities of the world.  eVideo is global.  If your customers are international, you should consider using multiple languages.  English may be universal, yet people prefer video in their native language or at least sub-titles.  ADA compliancy means sub-titles for the hearing impaired and metatag descriptions for the visually impaired.

Keep it simple and short!!!  While you may believe you have the greatest story ever told, it’s best to be succinct and keep your message spot-on. Fortunately, for the viewers who wish to get all the details, we can add a link to your website. Animations and graphics are a superb way to illustrate complex concepts.  Videos should excite your viewer into action.

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We’re a video marketing agency that’s small in size, but big in ability. If you’re curious about using video marketing to sell your product, service or story, we want to learn more about you and exchange ideas. Contact us today for a free consultation.