Live Video Streaming

We’re a 100% mobile video production team.

The World Is Your Audience – Anywhere, Any Location

Live stream video is no longer a novelty–it’s a must-have if you’re serious about marketing your business. It engages viewers in a way that other social media cannot. Integrate live video into your marketing strategy with eVideo Creations’ live video streaming production services.

With our portable “TV studio in a box” TriCaster, the eVideo Creations live streaming team can be on-location virtually anywhere in the world to stream live video from events, conferences and tradeshows to Facebook, Youtube–anywhere on the web. It’s a cost-effective way to stream your event to a massive global audience.

Our customizable production packages include multiple video cameras, audio, graphics and crew members. We can turn any live stream into a professionally-produced video, whether it’s of 10 people in a conference room of 10,000 people in a stadium.

Live Video for Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent venue to connect with new clients, but your audience is limited to the clients who visit your booth. Most trade show booths and exhibits have the same elements, and it can be hard to stand out. Live video is an excellent way to attract people to your booth and generate interest in your product or service.

Stand out from the crowd with live video. Live video is a perfect medium to:

  • Demonstrate new products and services
  • Educate your clients with interviews with key staff members
  • Generate excitement and engagement with a live Q&A

We can also create a professional, polished trade show video loops to play at your booth and help you rise above the rest.

A trade show may last only a few days, but the video content shot will live on through your website, social media channels and future marketing efforts. We can edit and optimize footage and create valuable bite-sized segments that can be uploaded to YouTube and social media, perfect for sharing. Plus, video content can help improve your search results rankings and click-through rates, getting your brand in front of more potential customers who are looking for your product or service.

Want to Learn More?

With studio facilities in Tucson, Arizona, and a mobile studio TriCaster, we’re a 100% mobile live video streaming company that can shoot live video from any location domestically and internationally. Interested in learning more about how live stream video can rev up your marketing strategy? Contact us to learn more.