Aerial Video Drone & Miniature Cameras

There’s nothing more captivating than a dramatic fly-over shot.

Raising the Bar on Video Production

Show a new perspective of your facility, event, destination or property with a dramatic view from above. Aerial video drone footage immediately attracts attention and engages your audience. Capturing breathtaking, sweeping views of everything from natural landscapes, to skylines, to golf courses, to company headquarters allows viewers to experience video content from typically unseen vantage points–both indoors or outdoors.

We have the equipment and experience to add to the overall production with aerial footage. Drones and miniature cameras allow us to shoot high-quality footage that evokes reaction–without outrageous expenses and logistical challenges. Truly elevate your video with eVideo Creations.

Miniature video cameras allow us to capture previous unseen perspectives, right where the action is occurring. We transform that extreme close up into slow motion, turning the video into something that’s meant to be actively viewed.

We’re an FAA approved operator of drone/UAS system under Section 333 exemption.

Elevate Your Next Video

Although we’re based in Tucson, AZ, our highly skilled team is 100% mobile and able to travel anywhere in the world for the perfect shot. Contact us to learn more about how we can utilize aerial drone video and miniature camera video into your next production.