Social Media Video Production

Spark a conversation and stick with viewers.

Video Content That Keeps Your Brand Top-of-Mind

If you’ve spent any time online recently, you know video content is inescapable. It’s taking over the digital landscape, and nowhere is this more evident than on social media. Social media is already such a highly targeted way to reach your audience, and when you combine it with the ultra-engaging power of video content, positive results follow.

Video content on social media is becoming increasingly more commonplace, and it’s so important to get it right. eVideo Creations understands the unique nuances of social media video production, from both creative and budgetary standpoints, and can produce specially tailored content for these platforms.

We specialize in creating bite-sized content optimized for social platforms that gets your brand into your audience’s feeds. Together, we’ll create something that leaves an impression, facilitates engagement and sparks conversation.

Engaging & Effective Video

Social media is built around engagement, so there’s no better place to connect with your audience. You only have a few seconds to catch a viewer’s attention before they keep scrolling or swiping. Whether the video lasts 5 seconds or 5 minutes, we’ll create something that’s engaging, to-the-point and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

eVideo Creations can help you achieve your extended web and social media marketing goals, creating video content that builds your brand’s presence, generates buzz, engages with existing members of your audience and attracts new ones.

Social Media Video Production Services

  • Social media advertising videos
  • Microcontent
  • Webisodes
  • Youtube content
  • Promotional videos
  • Product demo videos
  • Educational videos

Ready to learn more?

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