TV Commercials & Advertising

Crafting stories that stand out in a sea of noise.

Commercial Production in a Class of Its Own

Instead of trying to mimic the latest trends, we take a more timeless approach to creating stellar video content that is reflective of your brand, your company and your product or service. We have the passion, experience, crew and cinema production equipment to create TV commercials and advertising videos that tell your story and engages viewers through creative scripting, lighting, camera movement, lenses, music, editing and audio.

Unless a commercial immediately grabs a viewer’s attention, they’re most likely tuning it out. eVideo Creations hooks viewers to give your product or service top-of-mind awareness by using state-of-the-start digital cinema techniques to craft your story so that it stands out in a sea of noise.

Visually & Sonically Compelling Video

Just because a shot looks great in-person doesn’t mean it will translate to the screen. The challenge of television advertising video production is to create something that looks visually distinct. Our team sets the tone with lighting, shadows and dynamic camera movement. We seamlessly blend shots with graphics, animation, narration and music, all customized for the subject matter and your target audience.

We’re video professionals, but we’re also audio professionals. We understand the importance of a quality recording because audio is 50% of the viewing experience. We want viewers to see the picture and feel the sound. We use several specialized microphones to record quality audio, including:

  • Boom shotgun mics
  • Wireless lavaliers
  • Cardioids
  • Omnis
  • PZMs

eVideo Creations offers licensed, copyrighted music from the top music studios or the option of original music compositions.

Let’s Chat

At eVideo Creations, we’ve worked with businesses large and small, with budgets from $1,000 to $100,000. If you have an idea for a TV commercial or advertising spot, we want to hear your ideas. Take advantage of a free consultation with us to learn more about our TV commercial and advertising production services.